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No big surprises – just one monthly bill

Pay monthly

Would you like to pay monthly?

If you like to pay a regular monthly bill based on meter readings, then our pay monthly gas and electricity plans may be for you. Get a home energy quote today, read on for more information, or if you’d prefer to pay as you go, check out our Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) plans.

Pay monthly tariffs

View our home energy pay monthly tariffs to find the best one for you.


What's the best tariff for me?

Choosing to pay monthly for your home energy is a good way to avoid the costs of your energy mounting up. You can choose to do this via direct debit, or when you receive your bill.

Some energy providers send you bills every quarter. That can make it harder to budget for your energy use, and mean your bills are higher than you expected, especially over the winter months. We have a range of pay monthly options available for you, meaning you can get a better deal for you and your home, all year long.


How does it work?

Get a quote and you could switch to CitizEn Energy today!

Next, we’ll send you your direct debit confirmation, which sets up the direct debit for monthly payments. You’ll then provide us your first meter reading, so you can start enjoying your new rates right away.

Paying monthly for your energy means you’ll receive a bill each month which is based on your meter readings. Submitting your meter readings is really easy, and can be done online via your CitizEn Energy account.

Being a provider that puts people before profits means we can keep our tariffs prices low. We’ll always offer you the best tariff for your needs. If your circumstances change, we’ll move you to a better tariff (with your permission).

How will I be billed?

Many people choose direct debits because they’re easy. Your payment is collected from your bank account automatically, so you’ve got one less thing to remember.

If you are on a fixed tariff, you pay a set amount each month. If this is a little more than your actual bills, you’ll build up credit which we’ll return to you before reducing your monthly payments.

If your payments don’t quite cover your bills, we’ll ask your permission to increase the direct debit payments and pay off the debt.

If you are on a variable tariff, the amount you pay will vary each month depending on how much energy you’ve used, so your direct debit will reflect that. If you’d prefer to keep a closer eye on bills and pay for exactly what you use each month, that’s fine too.

You’ll receive a bill each month and can pay by direct debit or if you’ve not opted to pay by direct debit you can pay online, over the phone at the Post Office or at any PayPoint store.