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Why choose our 2 Year Fixed Tariff?

  • Price protection

By choosing our 2 Year Fixed Tariff, you get reassurance for the next 2 years, irrespective of the changing energy market the cost of your energy will remain the same.

  • Giving back

CitizEn Energy was launched with the main aim of tackling fuel poverty. We don’t have private shareholders or director bonuses, allowing us to put any money made straight back into into projects to help improve the lives of the people we serve.

  • 100% green electricity

100% of the electricity we provide is certified as being sourced from UK based wind and solar generators*. So you could save yourself some money and the planet at the same time!

  • Excellent customer service

Not only do we prioritise you over profits, we ensure that we have an experienced workforce offering you a great service, and in a recent national survey we have been ranked 2nd for customer service.


*Our green electricity tariffs are certified as being sourced from UK based wind and solar generators. For every Megawatt hour (MWh) of electricity purchased for our customers, we also purchase a Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO) certificate, which proves the electricity is certified as being sourced either directly from the renewable generators or through a green wholesale energy provider.