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Moving home

CitizEn Energy can move with you


Moving into a new home?

You’ll have a lot on your mind, so you’ll be relieved to know it’s simple to get your energy sorted.

Here’s how it works in four simple steps: 

  1. Tell us when you’re moving
    Call us on 0800 953 0165 and tell us when you’re moving out, where you’re moving to and whether you’d like to take us with you. 

  2. Give us your last meter readings
    Send us your final gas and electricity meter readings on the day you move out so we can send you an accurate bill. If you forget to do this, we’ll have to estimate your final bill, which means you may end up paying too much. 

  3. We’ll send your closing bill
    We’ll send your closing bill when you’ve sent us the meter readings from your old home. 

  4. Send us your new meter reading
    On the day you move, send us the gas and electricity meter readings from your new home. It’s really important you remember to do this, otherwise you could end up paying for someone else’s energy. 

 It’s really that simple.

Your new home and your energy tariff

Your new home will likely be different to your current home and so we’ll look at your potential energy usage when you move. We’ll advise you if you’d benefit from a new tariff and if not, we’ll keep you on the same one. Either way, service will continue as normal.