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Guaranteed Standards of performance

Our promise to you

What's our promise to you?

CitizEn Energy is a partnership between Southampton City Council and Robin Hood Energy. As an energy supplier, there are Guaranteed Standards that Robin Hood Energy have to adhere to when delivering your energy supply. These standards are set by the industry regulator Ofgem.

If we fail to meet these standards in the way we deliver energy to your home, you’ll be entitled to compensation.

Your electricity distribution company and gas transporter also have to follow Guaranteed Standards, which cover interruptions to your supply and maintenance work. If they fail to meet the Guaranteed Standards, your network company may make the payment directly to you or we will pass their compensation payments on to you.

Click on the links below, to find out more about the following Guaranteed Standards:

Making and keeping appointments

Occasionally you may ask us, or we may need, to visit your home to sort out a problem with your energy supply. We guarantee to arrange an appointment in a reasonable time. We will normally offer you a four-hour slot, but if you ask us we can give you a two-hour slot. If we need to rearrange your appointment we’ll let you know in advance. We also promise to keep the appointment unless we rearrange it or you tell us you want to cancel.

Faulty meters (not including prepayment meters)

If it looks like your meter has developed a fault – either because you tell us there’s a problem, or we believe something is wrong based on the information that you give us – we’ll check it and begin to resolve it within five working days from the notification of the fault. You can ask us to confirm what we’re doing to fix the problem in writing.

Faulty prepayment meters

You might tell us your prepayment meter isn’t working correctly or we might believe something is wrong from the information you give us. Whether you’ve lost your supply or not, we’ll start working to resolve the problem within three hours if it’s a working day, or four hours if it’s weekend or bank holiday. We may need to visit your home to do this.


If you fail to pay us for your energy supply, we may have to disconnect you. We’ll reconnect you within 24 hours as long as you agree on a repayment plan, or you:

  1. Pay us the money you owe us 
  2. Pay us the cost of disconnecting and reconnecting
  3. Give us a security deposit if we request it


If we fail to meet any of these Guaranteed Standards, we’ll make a £30 payment to you within 10 working days for each standard we’ve failed to meet. If we don’t do this on time, you’ll be entitled to a further £30 compensation. If your electricity distribution company or gas transporter owes you compensation, and we don’t pass this on to you within 10 working days, we will also make a £30 payment to you.


There are some exceptions to the Guaranteed Standards. This means you wouldn’t be entitled to compensation if: 

  • We disagree over whether a standard was not met. In this situation, we’d explain how you can raise a dispute with Ofgem 
  • You told us you didn’t want us to take any action 
  • We reasonably consider the information you’ve given to be false 
  • You’ve tampered with your meter, attempted to restore a supply that we or the network company has lawfully disconnected, or failed to pay the charges due as a result of that behaviour.

You would also not be entitled to compensation if it was reasonably impractical to meet the Guaranteed Standards due to: 

  • Severe weather 
  • The behaviour of a person not working directly for us 
  • Restricted access to a relevant building 
  • A regulation we could not breach 
  • The effects of an event covered by Part 2 of the Civil Contingencies Act, 2004 (this includes war, terrorism and threats to national security) 
  • Other circumstances beyond our control, so long as we took all reasonable steps to prevent them from occurring and affecting us.

In these Guaranteed Standards, a working day means any day other than a Saturday or Sunday, Christmas Day, Good Friday or any other bank holiday. Working hours are between 8am and 8pm on weekdays and between 9am and 5pm during weekends and bank holidays. Any contact outside these hours will count from the next day.

If you have any questions about our Guaranteed Standards and how they affect you, call us free on 0800 953 0165 or email our customer service team on customer.service@citizenenergyuk.co.uk